Specialized License Plate / Specialized Sticker

Quite some time ago, the Illinois Chapter Board voted to pursue establishing a Lincoln Highway-themed license plate. The idea is for a permanent license plate, not a temporary, special events license plate. Temporary, special events license plates are generally not too complicated to set up but this would be for a permanent license plate, just like the other license plates, like these: Illinois License Plates.

The Illinois General Assembly would need to approve the design. Since the Spring Newsletter went out, the House voted 108 to 1 to stop making specialized license plates and instead allow drivers to have a sticker representing their interest on a standardized plate. See this article: Specialized Illinois license places could be replaced with stickers

With an overwhelming majority vote in the House, it is quite possible that the idea to have specialized stickers on a standardized plate will replaced specialize plates. Prior to the recent vote in the Illinois House about specialized stickers instead of plates, Larry Williams of Williams Graphics designed some possible designs for the Lincoln Highway. Take a look:


Design #1


Design #2


Design #3


Design #4

Read the text of House Bill 1081 here.

Vote on if you are still interested in a specialized sticker or not here!

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