2020 Annual Lincoln Highway Association Pre-Conference and Conference Cancelled Because of Virus

            Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to keep everyone safe from the spread of the virus, the LHA Board of Directors and the Illinois Conference Committee cancelled the Joliet 2020 Conference.  Also, organizers for the annual Drivin’ the Dixie event in Illinois, Carl Fisher’s other road, cancelled it, too.  We planned to have the Drivin’ the Dixie event as a pre-conference activity. 

            The next host of the LHA Conference, the California Chapter wisely predicted that the virus would cause the cancellation of the Joliet 2020 Conference.  Here is what will happen.  Both conference locations will be pushed back one year.  The 2021 LHA Annual Conference will be in the Joliet area and the 2022 LHA Conference will be held in California, in the Sacramento area. 

            For those of you who already registered for the 2020 Conference in Joliet, you will receive a full refund, if we processed your payments.  As the virus situation became worse, the LHA held some checks without cashing them. 

           We in Illinois hope that everyone will stay safe and we hope to see our LHA family in 2021 in Joliet for the Annual Conference as well as the Drivin’ the Dixie event.

Cass Street Bridge on the Lincoln Highway

Cass Street Bridge on the Lincoln Highway in Joliet

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